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You are my Everything is a work of love to my God. And finally released….

It is almost an hour of songs I wrote to inspire and lift the listener to the presence of God.

It consists of 11 songs. Presently it has just been released to the public. It is a free work for all to stream and share.

Please share the love and gift of God to others.

  • Lion of Judah: A song of rejoicing over the Lion of Judah who has triumphed victoriously over death and sin.
  • Another Day: Praise God for another Day to glorify Him in all I do!
  • Come pour over me: A song about the blood of Christ being poured over the life of a believer being cleansed from their sin. The first time I played this for God, a torrential rain outside started…Like God was showing me that He has poured out His great love on me.
  • In Your Light: A simple song telling of the incredible light of the Lord that is at the center of every dedicated and true Christian seeking Him.  His light fills us and lights the way He has for us. It also exposes the darkness causing it to flee. It reveals the face of Jesus and His guiding light in this world. He out shines the brightest light that this world has.
  • Let Me: A simple song orchestrated to lift up the Lord in my life. No matter what may happen, Let Me, bring reverence to God in all things!
  • Spirit Song: A simple orchestrated song with a tone of Native American influence. It also could be used as a film score or introduction to a film.
  • Never Alone: A song about God’s love will always be there to change, to bless, to redeem, to convict, to deliver. You are never alone as God hears you when you call on him out of a pure heart of love for Him. But he does not hear the sinners pleas, unless he humbles himself/herself and repents, then those who are seeking to live righteous and holy will never be alone.
  • My Grace: Simply amazing grace! Such a mystery what the grace of God does in our life. God’s grace is what teaches us how to live godly and honor God.  God meets us in our faith and lifts us when we need Him the most when we call on Him…Come to the table of Christ as He is calling for His grace to lead us into holiness.
  • Tell Me Why: A simple question to the Lord as to why would He would go through such a sacrifice for us…Such love and care over us. Knowing it could only be Him and no other to take away the sting of death and sin once and for all to bring all man kind back to God. What love!
  • Take Me to Your Presence: A jazz R&B song asking for God to take us into His presence. An intimate yearning to be closer to God.
  • You are my Everything: The pinnacle of the album which proclaims, You Are my Everything. How I depend on You for everything, How I trust You for everything. You are not only Lord over me, but Lord over Everything!

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