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Who are you following? 
Everybody follows someone sometime..Sounds like a song? No, You must be honest with yourself in answering this…
You’re either following your parents, grand parents, family, friends, co-workers, or someone else’s character and/or standards. 
Why else would Jesus say, pick up your cross and follow Me?.
He wants us to follow Him in His character and love toward all people.
We were meant to love and teach by SHOWING others that same love we received and NOT our interpretation of that love being mixed with ourselves. And then we are to only follow Him and not some churches ideals or theology, but God’s only.
Many Christians only do what they see others do as fellow Christians and really don’t know how to love like Jesus does. It is all interpreted by their minds and really never entered their hearts. That is sad…Because a pretender is easy to notice…Remember the scripture? “You shall know them by their fruit” That is NOT the edible kind he talks about here…It is what you do, what you say, how you treat people that will show “WHO you are following.”  I’m NOT following a duck!, are you?” – “QUACK!!” 

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