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Musician / Composer
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Nothing completes me more than playing music, I have played music all my life. As a youngster I started playing piano at the age of 6-8. By the end of age 8 I had played concertos in halls and auditoriums on grand pianos. I didn’t have much difficulty picking up music…

Later as I became 8 yrs, I found a violin in my mom’s sewing room in closet. I asked my mom about it, and she told me, she used to play when she was young. It was old and strings broken..My mom had it fixed and I began lessons. I picked it up quickly also. When joined the elementary school orchestra, I entered the 3rd violin section as the beginning stage for any violinist joining. At the end of the school season, I was not in the 3rd, 2nd, and not only the 1st violin section. But I had moved up and showed such ability, that the conductor put me in the concertmaster position.

After that school year, my mom brought me to the 3rd violinist of the San Jose Philharmonic Orchestra. She heard me and knew I was a prodigy of sorts. But as I entered my teens, I No longer wanted to play violin, I wanted guitar. I was 13 years old now…I picked up the guitar ad played scales right away.
I have played in all these years with small garage bands and full bands also.

I have written many songs and one was published by Integrity-Hosanna Christian music. Since 1992 It has gone around the world a few times. It is a humbling experience to share the gift I have to the world. I am reminded of how small but not insignificant we are in this world constantly.  I then started writing later new songs that were deeper more passionate. I then put the songs on a CD. I have sold a few since it came out. I am working on my second album now that shows a greater and more profound change to it from the first. I have included a picture of my guitar…It sounds beautiful…

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