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From the beginning of time, humanity has sought after freedom. Wars and countless deaths have resulted in the race towards it. 

Generations have come and gone and still only a few have truly lived free.

You’re in this world where you see, and experience phyiscally. Not many have experienced freedom spiritually though. To step to the beyond…To commune with the spirits of our ancestors and listen to the voice of God’s spirit ring through your spirit and soul… Now that is freedom!  To commune with the spirit world and learn and grow as you are transformed…You then have communion with openness as you follow God’s voice. You’re free in the presence of God because it is your life and breath.

The only way you can be open and honest before God is to know what it is to fall on the sword of truth as you are naked before him. 

Everyone seeks freedom from something…Drugs, Sex, Drinking, Abuse, Etc…Freedom to do whatever someone wants? I say yes, but within limits though because some have taken their freedom of choice to hurt others.

The only true and liberating way to experience Freedom is by experiencing it in the spirit…Now some may say that sounds crazy, but I say once you experience truth through the eyes of the spirit, then you have experienced freedom. This freedom then can be a life giving presence that is with you always, if you let it. We still have freedom of choice. Whatever is focused on becomes your world.

Freedom carries no rules only but one requirement: To be honest about yourself. Opening one’s mind and heart is the key to beginning to learn and grow. Get out of your box and way of thinking with its constrictions and assumptions…Truth is the key to the door of freedom 

Freedom must be more than you experience here as a mortal…Too many live their life in an illusion believing freedom is in what one chooses to do or not do…Freedom is limitless when experienced spiritually.. 

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