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Fall Like Rain, originally was an idea, an experiment. I came up with a bunch of different types of genres of music.

It was a fun experience to do and it came out pretty good I thought.

Many of the songs are jams, where I lay down a track of music and jam on my guitar taking the listener to a peaceable place.

Later I discovered it was part of God’s plan to bring me back into music and eventually back to a right relationship with Him.

He was right. It worked. I now am in a right relationship with God and continuing to write music and go deeper into lyrical realms of communicating to God my love, my devotion, my loyalty.

I hope you enjoy the journey through song. It ends with the song, “The Journey

The albums title came from what I thought was inspiration of the water cleansing me of my old life, almost like being baptized as a type of newness and being re-born.

Or it is like my life fell like rain and was washed away. So then I was left in my despair and loneliness and eventually began to cry out to God to bring me back….I side with this idea and I am thankful to God for bringing me back. This album now remains somewhat of a memorial of where I was at one time…Thankful for God’s love reaching out to me to return and give me another chance to be real and not a fake Christian.

Look at the titles of the songs on it and you can see where I was:

  1. Can’t Take it
  2. Carry Me
  3. Chase
  4. Love Like This
  5. Tribute
  6. Upside Down
  7. Fall Like Rain
  8. Journey

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