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Walking in Truth is what all people seeking God are expected to do. Be honest with yourself and out yourself.

That means you don’t hide and do secret things and sin in secret thinking God does not see you…God sees everything. Be faithful to God.

Allow God to come into the secret areas of your life. Expose yourself to God. Be open and ask God where you fail to help you do better. The small seemingly insignificant things we do every day are of interest to God. God is interested in all of our lives and wants the best for us.

Just as a parent strives to encourage their children to go higher, to be better than they were in life, God does far more. God will show us our weaknesses only if we are hiding them from God. But when you are honest with yourself and God, admitting and confessing your weaknesses and sins, then God will help you, but it still takes work on your part. God may want you to go to those you have hurt and admit your sin to them. Acknowledge your sin to others brings freedom and opens a door of love to flow to those you have hurt. All people need is to hear, “I am sorry”…From a repentant heart.

Many people miss this and live in their sin thinking it has gone away, or the blood of Christ washed it away. No sometimes our sins require recompense to gain forgiveness. A repayment to those who were affected.

Forgiveness is a two way street…The old saying is” It takes two to tango” Is true. But many times one party will think they are free of blame and will feel they deserve an admittance of sin and responsibility. When both parties are at fault.

The same type of thing goes on in politics between Republicans and Democrats where blame and accusations fly. Nobody wins.

Takes some time today and allow God to show you where you have missed it and make the changes.

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