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Musician / Composer
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I came from an interesting background. I was born in North bend Oregon. Music has always been my life. I began playing the piano at age 4 and received honors playing at recitals. A few years later I learned to play the violin. I then began lessons playing the violin. At the age of ten I then moved to San Jose, California.

I soon became a Concert Master while in my 6th grade elementary orchestra and after playing in the orchestra for only one year. Later I became mentored by the 3rd violinist of the San Jose Philharmonic Orchestra. Upon entering my teens, I turned my musical interests towards the guitar, which I continue to play.
I currently live in Prairieville, LA..
I started writing songs in the late 1980′s. Integrity music published one of my songs in 1991, “Keeper of my heart”.
Later in my life I had an experience with God that opened my eyes and got me on the road to seek Him and the truth and walk in righteousness by seeking to be closer to Him in every way. I then discovered that not many travel this road of truth, for it is truly a narrow way. It helped me to understand just how few who call themselves Christians will make it.
I love God with all my heart and long to see others open their hearts to receive the truth, about salvation, repentance, holiness, healing, and freedom from sin in their lives. I long for all to know that God is a God of love and acceptance but also of fiery judgment. He has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness and maybe music can reach many.
Don’t think just because you said a little prayer that you’re saved. Don’t think you’re saved just because you believed in Jesus once in your life. But then you never changed or stopped sinning thus showing Him you really don’t believe Him and would rather continue in sin more….May God open your eyes and ears to the truth…
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