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Hi, I am having a real hard time learning how to express love. Learning how to express God’s love without a form or fashion of self involved is almost impossible..Without God we all really do not know what love really is..Watching others who are doing the things I used to do without God in their life knowing where they will end up….I usually end up saying some judgmental thing that turns the person away, then I felt good in a wrong way. A selfish way. I missed allowing God’s love to use me and teach me something valuable.

I just decidedly judged someone else and did it in a condescending manner. Completely void of God’s love in my selfishness. I just turned someone away from finding the answer maybe for their life, and I let pride thinking more highly of myself than I ought to… The answer NOT being me or the way I acted, but learning the way of God’s love who is still working on me. The way of love is not pointing out others faults. They know their faults, they know where they have fallen. I need not point out the obvious. Pray for them and leave them in God’s hands…

When Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light”. He showed us all, what love is. He sacrificed, he gave up his desires, he healed others, he traveled miles to heal people. He went to where the people were. In every day life and mingled with them. People loved Him and welcomed Him into their homes. The religious leaders of His day did not like it and called out to Him in judgment.

Why do you think people invited Him into their homes? Was it because they wanted to be popular or accepted by others or some other selfish reason? Do you think it was to gain or get something from Jesus? Or do you think it was the manifestation of God’s love? Pure acceptance of all as they are. With all their downfalls, and faults and sin filled lives…You bet!!

God does not look at the outward appearance as we do, but looks at the heart. As there is a simpleness and purity of soul and is it not mixed with selfish gain or pride. God can see if you are a liar and more interested in appearance to others than being real and honest about who you are and not thinking you’re something you are not.

Love is accepting people as they are. Even if you think they are ugly on the outside, because God can see the heart if there is something worthy of redemption in there. Some people end up with hearts hardened through the deceitfulness of riches and greed and lose something in the process. Only God can soften a heart and bring humility to a heart that has been hardened. Showing true Godly love to someone like that can do wonders to their outlook on life and bring healing when they have been torn down by years and years of judging by religious leaders or family and friends.

The best way I am finding to show others love is getting yourself out of the way and taking your mind out of the way. Only through your heart can you really touch someone. It is the center of who you are, and if you let God live there and get out of the way, He will use you to touch others.

Well then I start writing songs about love. It was not an inward decision I made it just happened that way. I then started writing a song called, “What about Love?” I started studying scripture on love, where Paul talks about what love is. I then started writing a song that was saying, I could be this or that and say this or that, but without love I am nothing. I could have faith to move any mountain, but what about love? I could speak with a tongue as of Angels, but what about love?

You see, Love is the most important thing we all need and desire in life. It is what makes this world go round and what formed all we see and enjoy. Love is and will always be the center of the universe. It is what God is!! Love!

What about Love? What is love to you?

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